Are We Still in the Age of the ‘Blockbuster Drug?’

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We are no longer in the age of the blockbuster drug; rather, we’re in the golden age of precision medicine, says Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall is the chief medical officer of Pfizer Inc.

WATCH as Dr. Lewis-Hall talks about how innovation and technology has enabled drug manufacturers to make medicines more precise in how they work, and has helped us better understand many disorders :

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“With our exquisite kind of understand now of disease biology – how diseases affect us – we are now able to be more targeted and more precise in what we pillsdeliver to patients,” Dr. Lewis-Hall said. “We’re not completely there, but we are off, I think, to a really good start.”

Psychiatric disorders are one set of illnesses in which modern technology has allowed researchers and doctors to better understand brain functions as they relate to these disorder, and, therefore, can help better target the treatment and the medicine. “This type of tangible, visual display has helped people understand more about psychiatric illnesses and I think become more tolerant of them as individuals and for us as a community,” Dr. Lewis-Hall said.

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About Freda Lewis-Hall: As Pfizer’s Chief Medical Officer, Freda Lewis-Hall leads Pfizer Medical, the division responsible for the safe, effective and appropriate use of Pfizer medicines and vaccines around the world. Before joining Pfizer in 2009, Lewis-Hall held [...]
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