Media Expert Lon Otremba: A More Mobile World (VIDEO)

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Innovation has transformed our lives and the speed of change is rapid. What will be in the next 10 years? “The idea of the world becoming less wired, or rather less tethered, and more mobile is clearly going to happen,” media expert Lon Otremba told genConnect in the video below.

“What happened when new media came along, or when the idea of an on-demand world of information came along, you had, basically, a radical shift in how business models work and that in turn followed along how content got distributed and how people actually consumed content,” Otremba told genConnect CEO Nancy Spears in the interview. “As we’ve seen particularly over the last ten years, there has been a radical shift in people”s consumption of media and how they consume it. I think in large measure that is being driven generational. Young people have really pushed that and it’s people in my generation that have followed them.”

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