Martin Luther King Day: A Time of Reflection

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martin-luther-king-speechWith Martin Luther King Day here, we find it appropriate to reflect on race and the fight for equality that has gone on since this nation’s inception.

Dr. King made many impacts on American history, therefore it is important to look back on where the country was during the civil rights era and how the country has evolved since.

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Our country’s race issues aren’t solved but they have changed a lot since Dr. King gave his famous ‘I Have a Dream’ speech in 1963. A lot of Dr. King’s dreams have become reality. Today we have an African American President of which was elected to office by the American people. Every man and woman citizen has the right to vote no matter what color their skin is. Our schools, transportation, restaurants, and public spaces are all safely integrated. Our country may still struggle at times when it comes to race and equality. However, the people are willing to learn and grow from the mistakes and find ways to make the wrongs into rights.

Martin Luther King Day isn’t just a day of remembrance of a great man in American history, it is a day of reflection on our country and how much it has changed thanks to people who were willing to fight and die for racial equality.

Here is a clip of Charlayne Hunter Gault talking about teaching race in America:

Here is a great clip of Meg Gibsion discussing her perception of race in society:

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