Maria Bartiromo’s Tips for National Lemonade Day

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Maria Bartiromo, anchor of CNBC’s “Closing Bell With Maria Bartiromo” and author of three best-selling books including The Weekend That Changed Wall Street: An Eyewitness Account, offers guidance for the children participating in National Lemonade Day. Lemonade Day is a country-wide celebration on May 1 that focuses on teaching younger generations how to start and run their own businesses through building a lemonade stand.

“Lemonade Day is extremely important for kids to understand the power of business and entrepreneurship,” Maria told us. “My tip would be don’t sell yourself short. And make sure you understand the market. That means don’t charge too little. Remember there is a cost to making the drink. Know what others are charging for their lemonade so you can price it right and profit from it. Make sure you make a quality lemonade. People will remember the taste, freshness and your attitude during the sale. These are the things that will make the customer come back — quality and service and price. Good luck.  And remember to have fun. Smile and have pride in your work!

Watch Maria discuss teaching business issues to our youth below:

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