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It’s no secret that many young people are without work, which makes one wonder if a college education is really worth it. FOX Business Network anchor Maria Bartiromo thinks so.

Maria Bartiromo, author and anchor of  FOX Business’ “Mornings with Maria,” dishes on why the idea of finishing school and landing a job on Wall Street is “so yesterday,” tips on saving and investing, and how young people can be successful:

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On education, Bartiromo told genConnect: “I personally think it is worth it … and education will enable you to tackle a whole host of things.” The successful journalist encourages young people to consider their how their education and talents can complement expanding industries, even if that means learning on the job.

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Along with education, saving and investing are key to being successful. “You have to start early,” Bartimoro says. “You have to make sure to save money as soon as you’re able to.”

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