Lynda Resnick on Filling Farming Job Gaps and ‘Career Tech’

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Farming and agriculture was a popular profession for the Americans that founded and built the United States. When the industrial revolution occurred, farming became less desirable, although it was still a vital part of the American economy. What many Americans today don’t know is how much farming has evolved since the early 1600’s. Being a farmer requires skills that most people don’t have.

American entrepreneur and philanthropist Lynda Resnick is one of the few people to notice this evolution and is working toward filling the job gap in farming by creating more qualified applicants. WATCH as Resnick talks to genConnect at the 2014 Aspen Ideas Festival about her newest project in the Central Valley of California called, “Career Tech”:

Agriculture_technology“Farming isn’t what it used to be; it’s not picking fruit, it’s really quite technical,” says Resnick. Farming has changed a lot over the decades and it requires many skills that most people aren’t qualified for. The result, she explains, is a major gap in the jobs that go unfilled due to a lack of supply of the proper people.

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To fill this gap, Resnick has created a program to help stimulate the desire for farming among American youth. Working with high schools, community colleges, and farms in the Central Valley of California, kids in the eight grade can spend a summer at “the farm of the future,” and decide if a career in farming appeals to them. The benefits of making this major life decision at a young age, Resnick explains, is that those who go through the program will receive a two-year college education completely free, meaning that they graduate high school with an associate’s degree and a guaranteed job with roughly a $40,000-a-year starting salary.

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