How Generosity, Fear, and Letting Go Can Help Improve Your Life

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Jennifer Grace, a life coach, motivational speaker and author of the groundbreaking book Directing Your Destiny: How to Become the Writer, Producer, and Director of Your Dreams, believes in exercising caution with your desires and when setting intentions and in the power of generosity; if you don’t, you could easily take everything for granted. “If we are not in the field of being so grateful that we are in this moment, that we had legs to walk in to the room that we’re in, that we have eyes to see out of, that we’re alive; that takes us out of that field of gratitude.”

Giving back, she says, is essential to remain grateful for what we have. “When we focus on extending our hand to help other people – whether that’s directly volunteering, financial contributions, whatever that looks like – you are in the field of gratitude for what you have and of generosity.”

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Jennifer Grace

Jennifer Grace

Grace is often asked about how to combat fear, which she feels is counterintuitive. She has found that, “people are always trying to get rid of their fear and that makes it persist even more.”

Instead, she supports living with and facing fear which she believes will make it subside, or in her words, “sitting with it.” By doing something despite your fear of it, you will refuse to let it paralyze you and, ultimately, overcome it. “I’m always talking about cultivating fearlessness – which is not the absence of fear, it’s the presence of bravery,” Grace says.

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She believes the letting go of control is, “a big piece. When you’re creating the life of your dreams, you can’t be overly attached to the outcome.” By “letting go of the reins” and aiming for something but not assuming you will get it, she says, will leave you satisfied.

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