Legalizing Marijuana Just Isn’t a Good Idea for America

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The legalization of marijuana is a controversial topic among many Americans all across the country. While many studies support the benefits of medical and recreational use of the hallucinogen and are held up as reasons to legalize marijuana, there is just as much evidence out there that supports the idea that decriminalizing weed would be unwise.

WATCH as Kevin A. Sabet, assistant professor of psychiatry and Director of the Drug Policy Institute at the University of Florida, talks with genConnect about the effects of marijuana on kids:

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Sabet, who from 2009 to 2001 also served as senior advisor to the director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, is also vocally opposed to legislation on legal marijuana usage in the United States. Despite the evidence that marijuana is less addictive than legalized substances such as alcohol and tobacco, Sabet strongly believes that legalization will only increase the number of users and abusers of the popular hallucinogen. He backs up his argument by noting that heroin, known to be a highly addictive, abused, and dangerous drug in the United States, is also less addictive than tobacco. Just because something is less addictive doesn’t make it safe to legalize for recreational use, Sabet argues.

YzU1Y2EzZGZiNSMvbWhWWGMyLWlaMDdtcDFyY2VONkFOa0U5WDlZPS8weDY3OjcwMHg1MDgvODQweDUzMC9zMy5hbWF6b25hd3MuY29tL3BvbGljeW1pYy1pbWFnZXMvZmU5MWFlNzg5ZGMzZDVmZWNlY2JlNDFmMDMxNTQzZDI0MmZiNDI4ODIyZTc1MzgzMWIxYTFlYWQ5ZTQ2NWZjNy5qcGc=Sabet points out that part of the demand for marijuana legalization comes from businessmen and women that want to market the drug similarly to tobacco.

When pot was first popularized, he says, it was because of the values of the “flower children and hippies” from the 1960s. Today, marijuana is a business.

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“It is about being the Philip Morris of pot,” says Sabet. One of the ways to stop the demand for weed is to hinder young Americans from wanting to use marijuana in the first place. Preventing the future consumer base of the product from ever wanting it by warning them of the harmful side effects will hopefully put an end to the legislation towards legalizing the hallucinogenic drug entirely, he argues.

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