Kenneth Cole to Sundance Volunteers: I’ve Got Your Back

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Highlighting importance of Sundance Film Festival volunteers, Kenneth Cole Foundation teams up with Sundance Institute to create dance video 

World-renowned fashion designer Kenneth Cole has been involved with the Sundance Film Festival for years, and has always wanted to evolve his brand through this very social experience in Park City. So how did he do it? He dressed the most important people at the film festival.

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“It was an opportunity to dress the volunteers. And as we all know … arguably, they are the real source of Sundance,” Kenneth Cole told daughter Amanda Cole, who interviewed her father for genConnect. “This festival couldn’t happen without these individuals who give up themselves stop everything they’re doing, drop their day jobs, drop all their jobs, and they come here and for ten days they do what is needed and what is asked of them … and they do it without a cost. And that’s what enables this festival to become what it is.”

Watch as Kenneth Cole talks more about the importance of the Sundance Film Festival volunteers, and the video his foundation helped create to highlight their contributions: 

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The  Kenneth Cole jackets have become jackets of distinction – Sundance volunteers are easily identifiable in the hustle and bustle of Park City during the film festival and are recognized for their hard work. AWEARNESS The Kenneth Cole Foundation and the Sundance Institute partnered to create a vignette that celebrates the volunteers; it debuted on Jan. 22 before ALL screenings at the 2014 festival. Titled “JUST SUNDANCE”, the spot was written by Kenneth Cole Productions and directed by Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg of Break Thru Films.

The piece helps celebrate the festivals 30th anniversary by featuring volunteers and Sundance alumni showing off their “Sun Dance” to Grammy Award winning Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance”.  The picture features clips from past Sundance films and well-known actors and Sundance supporters Glenn Close, Rachel Dratch, Sam Rockwell and Alan Cumming.For complete coverage from the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, visit genConnect’s Sundance hub.

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