Kenneth Cole Knows The Importance of Giving Back

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Kenneth Cole and his daughter Amanda Cole share with genConnect the importance of giving back.

American designer Kenneth Cole, owner of Kenneth Cole Productions, has always maintained a social conscious in the midst of building his world renowned business. Kenneth explains how he always tried to set a good example for others, especially his daughters. “I don’t think one decides that they’re going to have a social conscious, I think it’s part of one’s inherent value system.” says Kenneth. And in response, his daughter Amanda agrees that her dad did set that tone for her and her sisters. She replies, “once you’re introduced to it you’re hooked and it becomes who you are.”

This past week Kenneth appeared on CNBC to describe one of his life mantras, “Look good, for good,” which reflects his commitment to being socially aware, because you’ll ever look bad when you give back to the community.

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About Kenneth Cole: For 25 years, Kenneth Cole has been a successful designer and entrepreneur, bringing New York fashion sensibility to his customers while using his advertising and marketing to raise awareness of social issues such as AIDS [...]
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