Katherine Stone On Her Postpartum Experience

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Katherine Stone, founder and editor of the blog Postpartum Progress talks about her experience with Postpartum which led to her starting a blog to help women.

Watch Katherine as she shares her postpartum experience:

“I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, I had feelings like I couldn’t be a mother,” recalls Stone about her postpartum experience. Stone says she had a great life before having her baby and a very pleasant pregnancy. She did not expect to ever experience postpartum depression nor was she prepared for the way it affected her as a mother. “I would have believed it was impossible until it happened to me.”

Nothing was more relieving than when she went to a doctor and was diagnosed because that meant that what she was going through was common and curable.

Watch Katherine as she shares postpartum advice:

Stone stresses the importance of understanding that with most illnesses and disorders “one size does not fit all.” While your experiences may not sound like someone else’s, you both may be experiencing the same type of ailment. It is important that when you feel like something isn’t right to seek help because that is the only way to get back on track to feeling better. “It doesn’t mean you’re a bad mother.”

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About Katherine Stone: Katherine Stone created PostpartumProgress.com, the world’s most widely read blog on perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, in 2004. She’s also the founder and Warrior-Mom-In-Chief of Postpartum Progress Inc. In 2014, Katherine won the Iris Award [...]
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