Tips for Parents Raising Their Own Justin Bieber

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Bieber Fever. The phrase alone induces heart palpitations in every tween, teen and parent alike. Come February 11th, their prayers will be answered when Justin Bieber’s movie, “Never Say Never” hits theatres.

Thanks to our friends at Paramount Pictures, you can watch a clip from the movie below:

The movie documents Bieber’s career, which began when his mother, Pattie Mallette, video taped his renditions of various R&B songs and uploaded them to YouTube. ┬áHis mother continues to be a positive driving force in his career, and we must say, the kid seems to have a good head (and hair) on his shoulders.

For parents who also have a talented little one, clinical psychiatrist and parenting expert, Dr. Janet Taylor, shares tips on raising a well-rounded child star.
1. Prioritize Education. Most child stars are not celebrities forever. They still need exposure to a fundamental school education. Schooling fosters confidence, increases social awareness and gives them a plan for the future.

2. Teach them to choose their friends wisely. A good friend keeps secrets, is not awed by fame and connects from the soul. It is critical to have someone who can tell you right from wrong and support you unconditionally.

3. Establish chores and a routine. Kids who have expectations and demands related to the household are more organized and respectful. It is a great way to keep them grounded and focused on family first.

4. Just because you have money doesn’t mean that you have to spend it. Learning how to budget, save and be fiscally aware at a young age can teach lifetime invaluable lessons about personal economics.


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