Julie Spira: Don’t Cancel Your Online Dating Profile (VIDEO)

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So you signed up for an online dating site, but your inbox is a little bit empty. Before you go canceling that account, Cyber Dating Expert Julie Spira offers suggestions on what you should do next. Watch:

It’s important for women to realize that it’s okay to actually initiate contact with a man. I have a saying, don’t wait, initiate. I truly mean it because a man sometimes will be flattered when he sees your email in his inbox.

Log on in the morning and keep your account open all day. By the time you come home for dinner you might have quite a few emails there. You might be surprised.

Well, it’s no secret that men love to gravitate to the new fresh face. Log on to your profile, and just tweak a few sentences here and there. Or, if you’ve recently done something interesting, add it to your profile to have it raise up to the top of the list.

I think we need to look at online dating as an opportunity to expand your social and business network. So, I always say cast a very wide net. You just never know who you might meet, who could help you, or maybe you’ll just make a new friend along the way.

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