What Makes for Quality Children’s TV? (VIDEO)

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Watch NPR’s chief administrative officer and former interim CEO and President Joyce Slocum on television programs that engage kids

Joyce Slocum is committed to creating quality television programming that not only educates children, but also engages and entertains them. Before she came to NPR, under Slocum’s direction, the 24/7 children’s program on PBS, “KIDS Sprout,” was created, and is now available in more than 45 million homes. It’s important for children’s programs to engage children and give them a chance to interact with what they are watching, she said. Watch genConnect interview Joyce Slocum on quality children’s programming below:

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“When you are looking at programs for really young children, what they are looking for is a safe place,” Slocum told genConnect in the interview above. “They want to have, feel mastery. So that’s why repetition is important. Because they want to know the words to the song or what comes next.

“Then also, programming that helps parents or caregivers interact with their children. So it’s not just put the kid in front of the TV and leave them there. It’s do the song. Dance the dance. One of the most precious things I think I’ve ever seen is a little kid that crawls up on their mom’s lap at the end of Barney and puts their hands on both sides of their face and they sing the ‘I Love You’ song together. So that kind of interaction between caregiver and child is something that’s really important to have that programming encourage.”

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Slocum also encouraged listeners and supporters to let their elected officials know how important public broadcasting is to them to keep quality kids’ programs on the air.

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