Jennifer Aniston’s New Hair Style – News or Not? (POLL)

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Jennifer Aniston’s New Hair Style – News or Not? Style Expert Audrey Mansfield on Why We Care

Jennifer Aniston is in the news again, but not for her acting abilities …  it’s her infamous hair.

Aniston’s locks have made headlines before, beginning with the “Rachel” haircut, which was made popular during her sitcom days on “Friends.” Now she’s making headlines for her new ‘do: a choppy, just-below-the-chin bob. She showed off her fresh look Tuesday at an event in Madrid to promote her film “Just Go With It,” in which she stars with Adam Sandler. Teen heart throb Justin Bieber is also getting noticed for his shorter shag. In fact, Bieber made a surprise appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today, during which he gave her a lock of his hair as a birthday present. Watch video of his appearance with his new ‘do here.

All this hair news made us wonder: Why are we so obsessed with celebrity haircuts? genConnect style expert Audrey Mansfield points out that fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi has written a fashion book in which he suggests creating a fashion board with pictures of movie stars or celebrities that you can relate to.

“Whether it’s a hair style or a wardrobe style, women have always related to celebrities’ style – from Audrey Hepburn, Jennifer Aniston, Grace Kelly and so many more, because copying is one of the greatest forms of flattery,” Mansfield says. But she notes that celebrities get a lot of help with their hair, makeup and wardrobe from some of the best stylists and experts in the world. “So getting just the right look without the effort of creating it yourself is done for you.”

But more often than not, it is celebrities that start many of our more mainstream fashion trends.

“Some of the greatest fashion trends and styles that remain today were because a celebrity wore or carried it – like the Kelly bag, which remains one of the most expensive handbags on the market,” Mansfield says. “We look to celebrities as a form of escape a way to day dream of a life we don’t have … nothing wrong with this way to fantasize, ladies!!
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