From WebMD to Sharecare; How Tech Is Making Us Healthier

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Entrepreneur and founder of WebMD Jeff Arnold follows the evolution of technology and uses it to his advantage to create websites that improve the medical consumer world. Having sold all his shares in WebMD, Arnold has taken on a new project called Sharecare, which he believes is the next advancement to the medical consumer website he created in the 1990s.

WATCH founder of WebMD Jeff Arnold talk with genConnect about using the evolution of technology to lead a healthy lifestyle:

“Giving patients, consumers, employees access to medical information on their own terms is really important,” says Arnold.

The successful entrepreneur says that the interface has changed over the past two decades since the inception of WebMD. When Arnold first created the website, the Internet was a fairly new concept. Today, we have a wide variety of ways of getting information, the most recent being mobile technology. Since the growth of technology is rapidly changing, Arnold says we need to grow with it.

“I think we’re going to go from having a WebMD … to empowering consumers and healthcare providers to be their own WebMD,” he says –  something that Arnold has already started doing with, an interactive question-and-answer platform that allows industry experts to answer health and wellness questions.

Sharecare-cropBuilding a type of website like WebMD is all about trust, he emphasizes. Consumers have to believe that what they are reading is real and valid. WebMD was just the basis of online healthcare. Arnold predicts that it should and it will become more personalized as other websites based off of WebMD evolve. The important thing is to be open minded and flexible to other ideas you might not have thought of but could be really successful.

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About Jeff Arnold: Jeff Arnold is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sharecare, a leading health and wellness social network he and Dr. Mehmet Oz launched in October 2010 in partnership with Harpo Studios, Sony Pictures Television [...]
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