Is Cardio the Answer to Losing Weight? (VIDEO)

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Contrary to popular belief, you’ll need to do more than that hour on the bike to really lose weight. Watch Fred DeVito, founder of Exhale Spa, on how to successfully shed those extra pounds.

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If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s a mistake to think cardio training is the answer. It is a mistake to think that cardio training is the answer for weight loss. It’s a small component to the entire equation, but the biggest factor is your muscle density. Since your muscles are the engines that burn the calories you want to make sure you have dense muscle, which will raise your metabolic rate and then give you a good choleric burn twenty-four hours around the clock not just the one hour that you’re doing cardio training. Part of the aging process means as we get older we lose muscle density. That’s why as we age they put on weight. So to counteract that effect you want to do strength resistance training, which will help to maintain muscle density. There are various ways you can do this; you can go to a gym and lift weights, or you can do what we do in our core fusion classes at exhale. We do strength training using your body weight as the primary resistance.

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About Fred DeVito: Fred DeVito is a founder of Exhale Spa, an urban spa oasis merging mind and body, and co-creator of the Core Fusion class at exhale. Fred began teaching fitness in 1978, as a physical education [...]
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