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Ted Gilvar, Executive Vice President and Chief Global Marketing Officer at Monster.com, talks to genConnect about Monster’s first time at SXSW, the hiring hub, the site’s latest Power Resume Search, and why his job is so gratifying:

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TED GILVAR: Sure yeah. It’s great to be here. It’s our first time at South by Southwest. We’re here for a couple reasons. One, we’re running the hiring hub. So we’re hosting all of the jobs here at South by Southwest from all the partner companies. So it’s a great way for us to actually just celebrate the cool companies that are here, and bring their jobs, make it easy for people to find them. And the second thing we’re doing is, we’re really promoting our technology. We’ve invested a lot of money in the last two years on our technology and innovation, and this is a great place to showcase it.

KELLY HAYES: So I’ve been over at your display over here, and people are actually getting jobs it seems.

TED GILVAR: Yeah. The feedback from the companies has been unbelieveable. They’ve been really excited. Nobody’s ever done that at South by before. There’s a lot of great companies just flush with opportunity here, and nobody’s actually found a way to pull all the jobs together in one place, and allow everyone who’s on the trade show floor to access them. So it’s been great.

KELLY HAYES: Monster has some proprietary technology as well. You operate under the power resume search concept. Tell me about that.

TED GILVAR: Yeah. It’s actually– power resume search is the first product that we’ve launched with our Sixth Sense technology. It’s named Sixth Sense because it actually uses semantic search, and actually acts like a human being. It uses technology to find and match the right seekers and the right candidates. Every other traditional search methodology uses key word search. Keyword search matches like words even if they’re not actually what you’re looking for. And it’s really pretty flawed.

In the job business, until we actually innovated and created this technology, there was a lot a mismatches of employers and seekers, finding words that match, but wasn’t actually what they were looking for. The semantic search actually uses algorithmic methods to assign and understand the meanings of words and really matches the right seeker to the right job in a way that’s never been done.

KELLY HAYES: Amazing. You’re Chief of Global Marketing, obviously a big job. How many countries is Monster in?

TED GILVAR: We have 51 countries where we’re dedicated with our own presence, and we have some partnerships in some others. So it keeps us busy.

KELLY HAYES: Can people utilize power resume search to get jobs across borders? Is there opportunities there?

TED GILVAR: There is. We’ve actually just rolled it in. Because the semantic search is language-based, you do have to modify it in countries. So we’re now in the UK. We’re in France. We’re coming to the Netherlands. Next on the list is Germany and China. But we really launched it just within the last year here in the United States. But we’re going to roll it out everywhere.

KELLY HAYES: Ted, you’ve been involved marketing, brand building for a lot of companies. Is there a certain satisfaction you get out of working for a company that actually finds people jobs?

TED GILVAR: Absolutely. Our mission as a company is to inspire people to improve their lives through the world of work. And it’s incredibly gratifying to actually help people every day improve their lot in life, find a new job, find a new opportunity. It’s great.

KELLY HAYES: Thanks for coming. Thanks for bringing Monster. I’m sure there are a lot of people with new jobs who appreciate the efforts as well.

TED GILVAR: All right. Thanks for having me.

KELLY HAYES: Ted Gilvar, who is the Executive Vice-President, Chief Global Marketing Officer for monster.com at South by Southwest.

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