How to Become a Nano-Celebrity (VIDEO)

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From March 11 through 15, is on-site in downtown Austin, Texas conducting personal interviews with speakers slated to appear at the innovative South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Conference in Austin’s Convention Center.

We are at the event as credentialed press, hosting “2.5 Minutes With genConnect” in the Chevy Volt ReCharge Lounge during the conference.

We sat down with Shane Tilton, Assistant Professor at Ohio University Lancaster. Shane spoke with genConnect’s Randi Zucker about nano celebrities: what the term means, examples, and even tips on how to become one.

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SHANE TILTON: Well, I’m going to be presenting at the Future15 session Tuesday dealing with the post-modern celebrities. So what I’m talking about is sort of nano-celebrities. And essentially I’m here to talk about celebrities in general, and we’re really focusing on three things: we’re talking about content, personality, and reach. And when we talk about nano-celebrities, so I guess what I’m talking about is I’m looking at people that present information in very niche areas. And basically try to present that for a general audience.

When we look at something like a micro-celebrity, typically they try to present information that’s sort of entertaining, sort of viral, so they try to grow their audience through these really cool viral videos. The nano-celebrities try to present it through information that wouldn’t be found in normal areas and try to present it in such a way that they can be kind of the opinion leader in their particular field.

RANDI ZUCKER: OK, so could you give me some examples of nano-celebrities?

SHANE TILTON: Sure, absolutely. For example, if we talk about technology. Typically a celebrity would be Leo Laporte because he’s been on radio, he’s been on television, and he has sort of a following through the various social media. If we talk about technology that’s a little more specialized in the micro-celebrity, we talk about iJustine because she deals with Apple technology and she presents in such a way that’s cool for the people that follow her.

When we talk about nano-celebrity, we talk about someone like Randal Schwartz. The reason he’s a nano-celebrity is because he deals with open source technology and he really presents it in very niche ways. He does it through podcasting, through blogging, through forms of social media to try to promote the idea of open source technology as a viable means of technology.

RANDI ZUCKER: Could you provide a quick tip: how can someone become a nano-celebrity?

SHANE TILTON: Be able to have the series of expertise in a very niche area. And be able to know how to address that expertise with authentic voice to a community and knowing how to build the community up. That’s really it.

Thank you so much for your time today, Shane. Shane Tilton will be speaking here at South by Southwest, and we will be here all day interviewing key speakers and attendees.

genConnect atAustin’s South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Conference

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