2.5 Mintues With Larry Chiang—Part 2

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From March 11 through 15, genConnect.com was on-site in downtown Austin, Texas conducting personal interviews with speakers slated to appear at the innovative South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Conference in Austin’s Convention Center.

We were at the event as credentialed press, hosting “2.5 Minutes With genConnect” in the Chevy Volt ReCharge Lounge during the conference.

Tuesday we sat down with Larry Chiang, Founder and CEO of Duck9.com and best-selling author of “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School.” Watch part two of our interview with Larry below to hear him discuss the site, where you can find his tips online, and his mentor. Plus he gives you his digits!

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LARRY CHIANG: Duck9 it’s a company that stands for Deep Underground Credit Knowledge. And you want to avoid nines, Duck9s which are charge-offs on your credit. So avoid bad stuff on you credit.

KELLY HAYES: One can go to Duck9 and get a few tips as to how to protect their FICO score?

LARRY CHIANG: Right. Or they can just text my cellphone number. 650-283– this is the real one. If you call it, don’t just call and hang up. Call and talk, because I’m going to answer it what! And then I’m just joking, because I want you to know that that’s me. 650– get a pen.

KELLY HAYES: Go with it.

LARRY CHIANG: 650-283-8008, 8,008.

KELLY HAYES: Fantastic. One of the things everybody wants to know here– 15,000 entrepreneurs, lots of people with start-ups– how do you get a venture capitalist who you don’t know to mentor you at South by Southwest.

LARRY CHIANG: I love that concept. And this is an article that I would want to read, if I didn’t write it five times already, 35 tips–

KELLY HAYES: Oh, you’re already written this already.

LARRY CHIANG: Do you like how I plugged that? So that way–

KELLY HAYES: Go with it.

LARRY CHIANG: I’m trying to get onto the right side of 20 page views. Because right now, I’m at 17 or 18. And if I just push a little harder here, I think I could get over 20.

But how to get a VC that you don’t know to mentor you. Absolutely a huge thing. Because most entrepreneurs, they want to hit the lottery and get venture funding. And there’s a saying if you want, money asks for advice. If you want advice, ask for money.

KELLY HAYES: So they’re 35 tips and they’re spread out. You’ve written these tips down in various places. Where do people go to find these?

LARRY CHIANG: GigaOm, VentureBeat, TechCrunch, AlwaysOn, and Businessweek.

KELLY HAYES: So Google Larry Chiang, and you’re going to have these tips in various places. Absolutely fantastic.

Now you had a mentor, I understand in your business life.

LARRY CHIANG: Yes, huge. So in every article that I write and blog post and column that I edit, I mention Mark McCormack and I try to link to his book. His book was awesome.

KELLY HAYES: Mark McCormack, the founder of IMG–

LARRY CHIANG: Yes, that one.

KELLY HAYES: –and great sports entrepreneur.

LARRY CHIANG: Yes, IMG, International Management Group. He created an industry. Mark McCormack created the sports management industry. He wrote the book– multi, multi-million bestseller– What They Don’t Teach You At Harvard Business School. In fact, if you text me, creepily I will mail you a copy of my mentor’s book. Or give you a coupon code where you do it and I reimburse you, because I don’t want to mail you.

KELLY HAYES: And your book is titled?

LARRY CHIANG: It’s a sequel to a book I did not write. My book is unimportant, but it’s out there. What is important is Mark McCormack’s organization, IMG, they let me launch my book from the runway of New York Fashion Week.

KELLY HAYES: Oh, that’s fantastic.

LARRY CHIANG: On 09/09/09, September 9.

KELLY HAYES: Only because you’re a well-dressed guy. Larry Chiang. Google him. And we’re happy to have you here at South by Southwest.

LARRY CHIANG: Thank you. Appreciate it.

See part 1 of our interview with Larry here.

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