Technology Changes Way We Eat (VIDEO)

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From March 11 through 15, is onsite in downtown Austin, Texas conducting personal interviews with speakers slated to appear at the innovative South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Conference in Austin’s Convention Center.

We are at the event as credentialed press, hosting “2.5 Minutes With genConnect” in the Chevy Volt ReCharge Lounge during the conference.

Sitting down with Chitra Agrawal, Owner of The ABCD’s of Cooking, made us both hungry and thirsty today. Chitra discussed her speech at SXSW, which will be more of a core conversation with the audience on how technology is revolutionizing the way we eat. See her interview with genConnect’s Kelly Hayes below:

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KELLY HAYES: Fantastic. Chitra is here to speak about how technology is revolutionizing the way we eat. She’s very much involved with restaurants and food. Tell me a little bit about what your topic will be.

CHITRA AGRAWAL: This is actually a core conversation that we’re having at the festival. The one thing that’s interesting about it, is that I think there’s a lot of people that want to talk about how technology is affecting the way that we eat today. So the discussion is open to the audience, where people are able to talk about new technologies that they’re using that have been produced for food, and also existing technology that people are using right now and applying it to food or cooking. And so I think it should be interesting.

KELLY HAYES: And so technology has not just changed the way in which we prepare food, it also changes the way in which we access and find out about food. You were telling me about something that’s taking place in Japan.

CHITRA AGRAWAL: Yeah, so right now a lot of supermarkets in Japan are using QR codes, which is really interesting. Where vegetables are actually having QR codes put on to them, where people can scan them with their phone, and then see more information about the vegetables. Where they’re grown, more information about recipes, and things like that. I think people are a lot more informed right now with technology, and it’s being used in a myriad of ways. And I think that there’s so much potential right now too.

KELLY HAYES: Well it’s a great time to be alive as someone who’s interested in fine food, or in artisan foods, because they can find out so much more information than ever before, right?

CHITRA AGRAWAL: Exactly. It’s like new world meeting old world in a way with technology now. With different blogs and videos, people are able now to have more access to learning how to do craftsmanship that a lot of people were trained to do before. For instance, like making Kim Chee, a traditional Korean food that mainly grandmothers or people that were from there. Now I feel like there are classes and videos online that you can actually make it in your home. Brewing craft beer, making cheese, it’s exploding.

KELLY HAYES: Now I’m also thirsty as well as hungry. Thank you so much for coming, and have a terrific conference this afternoon.


KELLY HAYES: Thank you Chitra.

genConnect Heads to Austin’s South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Conference

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