Internet Generation to Forever Change Corporate America (VIDEO)

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The next-generation workforce is going to change corporate America as we know it. The latest generation of hooked up kids is going to be coming up through the ranks as corporations, organizations and institutions go through enormous restructuring due to this demographic’s influence.

Watch media ecologist Jack Myers, author of Hooked Up: A New Generation’s Surprising Take on Sex, Politics and Saving the World, discuss how the Internet generation will forever change the corporate boardroom:

WATCH: First-Time Voters to Have ‘Enormous Influence,’ With Jack Myers

“The first generation to grow up with the Internet – who I call the ‘hooked up generation’ – is graduating college beginning this year and entering the workforce,” Myers said. “The fact that they’ve grown up on the Internet really changes they way they look at organizational models and organizational structures. On the Internet, there is no structure. It’s collaboration, it’s integration – as opposed to most organizations, corporations and institutions, which, for decades, centuries … have been hierarchical, structured, highly structured.”

The upcoming generation also has less a fear of authority and more a feeling of equality and acceptance of growing diversity – feelings that will permeate through workspaces. Women’s right will also be an enormous factor with this generation – “glass ceilings will be shattered,” Myers said.

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Young people entering organizations and corporations will also have as much to offer more experienced executives in terms of the latest and greatest ideas and innovations, social media and ways to break down the hierarchical structure on the Internet.

Myers added: “It’s going to be a fascinating dynamic over the next decade as these young people who grew up with the Internet enter the workforce.”

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