Indiegogo: The Global Crowd Fund

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You’ve heard of kickstarter… but have you heard of Indiegogo? Indiegogo is a cowd funding website gone globalDanae Ringelmann, co-founder of Indiegogo, shares with genConnect at #BlogHer14 all the details of Indiegogo… and the success it brings to women.

WATCH as Danae Ringelmann shares the starting and story of Indiegogo…

“I never thought this day would happen… but Indiegogo is the largest crowd funding platform in the world.” They’re not limited to bussiness… they help artists, entrepreneurs, and pretty much everyone who needs and deserves funding.

WATCH Danae explain Indiegogo’s success and their plan for further expansion…

The question… what can a little bit of money do for someone? As it turns out, when you give a little bit and others give a little bit, it can do great things. But a successful Indiegogo campaign isn’t a guarantee…

WATCH as Danae gives the best tips on how to have a successful crowd funding campaign…

“Think not just about what you’re doing… but why you’re doing it. And put that in your campaign.” People want to be insspired by your passion for whatever it is you do. In order to allow them to find that inspiration, you’ll have to be not only sincere, but committed to your plan.

Check out the many amazing campaigns on Indiegogo, here

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About Danae Ringelmann: Danae Ringelmann co-founded Indiegogo in 2008 with a mission to democratize fundraising and has since helped to propel the company into the world’s largest funding platform. Today, as Indiegogo’s Chief Development Officer, Danae is focused [...]
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