How to Help Save Dogs With Social Media

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What better way to celebrate great canines than using your social media prowess to the benefit of dogs in need? Here’s how…

It’s great to show your love and appreciation to your dog, but what about dogs in need? Many dogs are in desperate need of love and compassion – and homes! Fortunately, there are now many social media tools at your disposal you can utilize for this great cause.

Jasmin Singer, co-founder of Our Hen House, and Yvonne DiVita, pet blogger and co-founder of BlogPaws, offer tips on how to use social media to dogs’ advantage …

WATCH: Change the World for Animals, With Jasmin Singer

Jasmin Singer

“Use your social networking to advocate for dog adoption, sending your friends and colleagues to shelters, and to other websites that bash stereotypes of certain dogs, such as the California-based organization, BAD RAP, which debunks myths about pit bulls,” Singer says. Our Hen House made a video about them, too, which you can check out.

DiVita agrees that social media is perfect for raising awareness about dog rescue and other related issues.

“At BlogPaws, we use our blogs, both our home blog and our Be the Change for Pets blog to share information, support our members that are focused on shelter and rescue, and to raise funds for important project,” she says. “Following the hurricane in Japan, BlogPaws shared the ChipIn created to help raise over $40,000 – this enabled World Vets to visit Japan and save stranded pets. Using social media, bloggers and tweeters can spread a message much farther, much faster than ever before.”

WATCH: ‘We’re About Animal Welfare,’ With Yvonne DiVita

DiVita also said bloggers can install widgets on their blog (as BlogPaws did with the ChipIn for Japan) to raise funds for a specific shelter or rescue they support. People can also create groups on Facebook, focused solely on a particular topic – perhaps raising funds or selling T-shirts, to support their shelters and rescues. Using Twitter and Pinterest, they can raise awareness of a dog in need, or create a daily ‘adoption’ calendar, sharing with all of their social media friends, she continued. “The opportunities to be creative and supportive using social media, are endless.”

“Blog Hops” are also a great way to show your appreciation and connection with your dog via social media. A Blog Hop is where you post a photo of your dog(s) to your blog, link it up, then spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, or other methods, then hop to other participants’ blogs and meet some new pals.

“We’ve seen Blog Hops used to bring people together to save dogs – and other animals,” DiVita says. “And, we’ve seen social media tools used to create petitions in support of pit bulls – hoping to show communities that pit bulls are wonderful pets.”

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