How Success in Sports Can Lead to Success in Business

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With the growing number of women in high leadership positions in American business, it is important to look at what aspects set those in charge apart from those who aren’t. Some women just don’t want the responsibility that comes with being a leader. However, for those women that are striving to climb the ranks, it is important to look at the skills and traits that are essential toward achieving success in business.

WATCH as former college basketball star and Global Vice Chair of Public Policy for EY Beth Brooke Marciniak talks with genConnect about the correlation between success in sports and success in business with the program she built called the Women Athletes Business Network, at the Aspen Ideas Festival:

The Women Athletes Business Network was launched a year ago by  Marciniak with the goal of tapping into the leadership potential of elite female athletes.

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Marciniak set up the program with three separate components:

  • Networking that will lead female athletes to senior leaders in government and business.
  • Research to find data between the connection of sports and leadership.
  • Global outreach by sharing stories and information connected to the network and research online. on research Marciniak has conducted, some data supports the idea that those who participate in competitive sports obtain a high leadership role in their career later in life. Marciniak says the reason women in sports become successful in business is because leadership skills are embedded in the skills it takes to be a successful athlete. Resilience, teamwork, organization, and determination are just some of the leadership skills that sports and business share.

“For an athlete, failure is just feedback,” and the same goes for business in the United States, she says. Other countries may not take failure so lightly, but in America, learning from your mistakes and not letting them happen again is the key to success.

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