Hot Flashes Do Not Have to Cause Havoc (VIDEO)

[ 0 ] September 10, 2012 |

Hot flashes and other menopause symptoms don’t have to wreak havoc. Watch Heidi Houston on her documentary ‘Hot Flash Havoc’, which sheds light on menopause…

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To Recap: “One of the first points of the movie that is so important is that menopause doesn’t just start at 50. It starts at 35. And women don’t know this; they don’t know this because their mom might not have talked to them about this, their aunts haven’t. So today it’s so important that women know the issues – that at 35 you can start having symptoms and know what those symptoms are.”

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About Heidi Houston: Heidi Houston is a force to be reckoned with – that is if you can catch her as she speeds past you on her way to a movie premiere; the closing of a multi-million dollar [...]
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