Holly Perkins: Fitness Tips to Be Slim, Sexy, and Strong

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Fitness guru and personal trainer Holly Perkins offers three easy steps that even YOU can follow to improve your physique…

Fitness guru and personal trainer Holly Perkins knows that anyone can be fit. She has close to 20 years of experience in personal training and has helped people prepare to climb mountains and run marathons. Known for her ability to completely transform anyone’s body with her knowledge of nutrition and human physiology, Holly provides three tips on how to improve your physique.

Watch Holly Perkins offer you 3 tips to help you upgrade your exercise routine:

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Holly’s three tips are:

  1. Challenge yourself. Make your workout slightly more difficult each week.


    Fitness Expert Holly Perkins

  2. Be consistent. Try not to burn yourself out after two or three weeks, even if it means beginning with a less intense workout.
  3. Don’t be afraid  to use weights! Make sure they’re just a little bit heavier than you’re used to.

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About Holly Perkins: Holly Perkins is an established health and fitness expert who believes in challenges the perceived limits of her clients and herself. She has trained and guided people through numerous marathons and mountain climbing expeditions, including [...]
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