Highlights From The 2015 Aspen Ideas Festival

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genConnect is at the 2015 Aspen Ideas Festival. This is the top spot to find video interviews from some of the leading speakers at the event. Here you’ll find interviews from Dr. BJ Miller to Liz Feld and Neal Baer. Bookmark this page and check back often as we will keep uploading new interviews here!  Follow us on Twitter for live updates @genConnect.


Erin Currier 

Erin Currier Tells Us About Pew Charitable Trusts

Erin Currier Talks About Unequal Pay


Elizabeth Alexander

Elizabeth Alexander: The State of American Poetry 


Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn: How Mind Up Relates To Her Own Life

Goldie Hawn: The Creation Of Mind Up


James Fallows

James Fallows: Project American Future


Melody Barnes

Melody Barnes:  How MB2 Solutions Was Started 


Nancy Gertner

Nancy Gertner On The Supreme Court ACA Decision

Nancy Gertner On The Supreme Court Gay Marriage Decision


Paul Greenberg

Paul Greenberg On The American Fishing Industry


Phumzile Sitole

Phumzile Sitole: Antiguini and The World


Tom Yellin

Tom Yellin Talks About The Movie Cartel Land


Dr.Brian Koll

Dr.Brian Koll On The Front Lines of Ebola

Dr.Brian Koll: Preventing The Spread of Infectious Diseases


Abigail Disney

Abigail Disney Tells Us Why She Made Armor of Light

Abigail Disney: When Something Is Important to You


Nora Volkow

Nora Volkow: Addictive Properties of Marijuana and Teens 


 Gary White 

Gary White On The Water Credit Inititative


Jo Boaler

Jo Boaler Talks About Her New Mathmatical Mindsets Book

Jo Boaler Talks About The Power Of Our Mindset 


Steven Brill

Steven Brill Talks About Being an Entrepreneur

Steven Brill Shares Tips for the Healthcare Consumer


Craig Kielburger 

Craig Kielburger Encourages Traveling Abroad at a Young Age

Craig Kielburger Tells Us About WE Day 


Jamison Monroe

Jamison Monroe: Drugs Over Dinner

Jamison Monroe On The Model for Newport Academy


Agapi Stassinopoulos

Agapi Stassinopoulos Shares Her Philosophy On Human Personality


Randi Weingarten

Randi Weingarten: Addressing Poverty


Daniel Lubetzky

Daniel Lubetzky: How KIND Healthy Snacks Started


Anne Marie Slaughter 

Anne Marie Slaughter Explains What Digital Natives Are


Merlijn Twaalfhoven 

Merlijn Twaalfhoven Talks About The Middle East


Joseph A. Garcia

Joseph A. Garcia On The Marijuana Industry In Colorado 

Lt. Governor of Colorado Joseph A. Garcia talks about the recent progress of legalized medicinal and recreational use of marijuana and how he predicts the marijuana industry will continue to make a positive impact on the state.


Caitlin Flanagan 

Caitlin Flanagan On Rape Culture


Margaret Spring

Margaret Spring On The Mission of The Monteray Bay Aquarium


 Ira Flatow

 Ira Flatow: Science Friday at AIF


Gina Murdock

Gina Murdock: Aspen City of Wellbeing Initiative 


Eric Liu

Eric Liu On Voter Turnout and Upcoming Elections


Dr.Kenneth Davis

Dr.Kenneth Davis: The Future of Alzheimer’s Disease


Amanda Ripely

Amanda Ripley’s Advice to Parents on Raising Smart Kids

Amanda Ripely shares her advice on how to raise your children to be smart.

Amanda Ripley: The Smartest Kids In The World 

Amanda Ripely describes the factors that lead to smarter children around the world.


Vivek Murthy

Vivek Murthy on Public Health Issues America Faces

U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy opens up about the top public health issues Americans face, including obesity and diabetes.


Maura O’Neill

Maura O’Neill Tells Us How Social Entrepreneurship is a New Paradigm

Maura O’Neill talks about the different kinds of social entrepreneurship that various types of companies are exercising around the world and the kind of impact this can have socially, environmentally, and economically on global business.


Iva Fattorini

Iva Fattorini Talks About Artocene

Iva Fattorini tells us about Artocene, a company trying to bridge the connection between art and medicine.


Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson Wants to Teach People to Eat Healthy

Hugh Acheson talks about the need to get people back to eating healthy home cooked meals and not relying on fast food and instant dinners.


Henry Waxman

Henry Waxman Talks About The SCOTUS HealthCare Decision

Henry Waxman Talks About The SCOTUS Gay Marriage Decision


Neal Baer

Dr.Neal Baer Discusses Portraying Medicine On TV

Dr. Neal Baer iterates the importance of TV medical dramas and the accuracy of how writers portray the conditions they write about to the audiences watching at home.

Dr.Neal Baer Tells Us The Reason Why Story Telling Is Important

Dr. Neal Baer explains why storytelling is more effective than relaying data.


Donna Shalala

Donna Shalala Talks About The Supreme Court Ruling on Marriage Equality

Donna Shalala Talks About The Supreme Court Ruling on ObamaCare


Liz Feld

Liz Feld: The Missing Project

The President of Autism Speaks, Liz Feld, tells us about the Missing Project.


Dr.BJ Miller

Dr.BJ Miller On The Zen Hospice Project

Dr. BJ Miller tells us about the Zen Hospice Project and how it is changing the way people look at death.


Tom DeRosa

Tom DeRosa Talks About Transitional Care

Tom DeRosa tells us about HCN’s newest innovative approach to health care delivery.

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