Breaking Down a Healthy Lifestyle With ‘Tell Me the Truth, Doctor’

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In the book that “America has been waiting for,” Dr. Richard Besser breaks down every question you have (or haven’t) asked your doctor.

Dr. Richard Besser, M.D., is the ABC News Chief Health and Medical Editor, and still volunteers as a pediatrician with the Children’s Aid Society. In Tell Me the Truth, Doctor, he answers his most frequently-asked questions from patients in an easy-to-read format that’s accessible for everyone. He sat down with genConnect at the Aspen Ideas Festival 2013 to tell us what he he hoped to accomplish in his new book.

Watch Dr. Besser discuss his new book Tell Me the Truth, Doctor, his most frequently asked questions as a physician, how Americans are “obsessed with weight,” and how anyone can develop a healthier lifestyle

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“We are bombarded by so much information all the time – some of it’s good, some of it’s not so good,” Dr. Besser said. “I wanted to put it in an easy-way-to-consume version.”

Dr. Besser both breaks down a wealth of scientific information and gives his take on it – his “bottom line” – at the end of each section. It’s one part reference manual and one part advice booklet. While the book is divided into six categories of information, covering everything from injuries to medication to healthcare, Dr. Besser claims that by far his most-asked questions are about diet and exercise.


He said “people are always wondering, ‘What can I do to be healthier?'” He insists that small changes yield the greatest success rate, and common sense is the way to go. “It’s very simple, but it’s not always so easy.”

According to Dr. Besser, Americans are “obsessed with weight,” based both on our rising obesity rates, but also our serial dieting craze, which just “doesn’t work.”

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More pressing of an issue, Dr. Besser points out, is that the pocket of the population most susceptible to poor health choices – our children – is experiencing pitfalls. 

“Our schools are moving away from things that promote health …[and] so many of our health practices begin when we are children,” he said.

We could start kids off right by giving them Dr. Besser’s book to read.

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