Top 20 Business Buzz Words of 2013

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Miley Cyrus and her VMA performance made the word ‘twerking’ a common term

Happy New Year! Here’s a look at the top buzz words that lit the business community on fire in 2013; and no, ‘twerking’ and ‘selfie’ aren’t on this particular list…

Happy New Year! While it’s a time to look forward to 2014, it’s also a time to reflect on all that was in 2013, particularly the trends that helped shape last year. And when it comes to trends, the words and phrases that caught on throughout the general populace certainly rank among the top trends that get noticed year after year.

While “hashtag,” “twerking,” “fail” and “sequestration” may have ranked high on the list of top words for 2013 – some of them many people would be happy never hearing again – “content,” “social media,” “sustainability” and “transparency” top another list: Top 50 Business Buzz Words of 2013, according to the Global Language Monitor.

Here are 20 of the Top 50 Business Buzz Words of 2013, from the Global Language Monitor, with their meanings:

  1. Content — Far and away the No. 1 BizBuzz leader

    Photo courtesy of MKHMarketing/Flickr Creative Commons

    Photo courtesy of MKHMarketing/Flickr Creative Commons

  2. Social Media — Reality: Social media impacts less than 15% of the Web
  3. Sustainability – No. 1 Word in 2007; have been rising in BizBuzz every year
  4. Transparency – Remains a goal far from corporate reality
  5. Literally – Principally used in non-literal situation, eg, Literally, “an explosion of laughter”
  6. Guru – Someone moderately skilled in a subject or particular field (cf ‘rocket scientist’ or ‘brain surgeon’)
  7. Utilize (rather than use) – Please deflate the diction and utilize the word ‘use’
  8. Robust – Applies to oh-so-many products: software, tablets (computer and otherwise), coffee, perfume, mileage, and hundreds of others
  9. Ping — High tech lingo seeping into the mainstream; now it means ‘get back to you’. Originally, a tool to send message packres to a network address to measure the time & quality of the response.
  10. Big Data — Soon Human Knowledge will be doubling every second. ’Big’ does not begin to describe what’s coming at us.
  11. Any noun used as a verb – to concept. to ballpark, and the like ….
  12. Seamless – Seldom actually seamless (Cf Obamacare website), often merely ‘seemless’ or meaningless
  13. Moving Forward — From the results of those countless ‘moving forwards’, moving sideways might be more appropriate
  14. The Cloud — Everything (and every one) now apparently ‘lives in the cloud’ though networking clouds pre-date the web by a decade or twocloudcomputing
  15. Offline – ‘I’ll be offline’. The statement is meaningless unless one includes cell phones, tablets,smarty TVs, not to mention all atomic clocks.
  16. Bandwidth – Measurement of electronic communications devices to send and receive information with upper and lower limits
  17. New paradigm – Revolutionary new ideas that change the then-existing worldview; think Copernicus, think Newton, think Einstein, most definitely not your next product
  18. Synergy – The interaction of two efforts that result in a greater return than the sum of the two
  19. At-the-end-of-the-day — More likely the end of the quarter or fiscal year
  20. Win-Win — Much more positive than tie-tie or lose-lose

Click here for the entire list, as well as other top words and phrases list from 2013.

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