Halloween: The Best Day for Adult Play

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sexywitchDr. Marianne Brandon on why the Halloween holiday is the perfect excuse to dress and role play

It’s that time again – the trick-or-treaters swarming the streets, the leftover candy you take to the office so you don’t gain five pounds before the holidays even begin, and the piles of pumpkins at the grocery store.  Fun?  Yeah, maybe.

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Well let’s turn that around.  It’s time to make Halloween all about adult playtime!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s high time we took this holiday over as our own; and what better place to start than in the bedroom?  Think about it – Halloween offers you a fabulous excuse to dress up and role play.  Hasn’t there been some fantasy that you’ve wanted to act out but have been a little too self-conscious to do so? Enter Halloween – the ultimate excuse for sexual experimentation!  After all, it’s all about costumes, isn’t it?  Ladies, being a witch never looked so good!  All you need is your black high heels and a black thong.  Maybe find that dark lipstick that you threw in a drawer because it made you look so pale.  Tonight, pale is good!  And if you’ve got the time, add that gothic dark purple nail polish you haven’t worn in a while.  You see, a good witch may be hard to find – but surprisingly easy to create.  Need a prop?  Finally you have a use for that broom in your closet!  A broom pole can serve as a fabulous dance pole in a pinch.

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Gentlemen, in a way you have it easier.  Coming home in a goon costume will not excite her, and it would probably even work against you in the bedroom.  Your best bet is to stick with the tried and true standbys – they will rarely let you down.  Show up at the front door with some red roses, sushi, and some good chocolate – not the trick-or-treat variety.  Tell her you are prince charming and you’ve come to feed her dinner.  You see, no costume is required.  Corny?  Indeed.  But she’ll secretly love it.  Chivalry never goes out of style.  Take her into the bedroom – you can imagine the rest.

If these costumes just don’t suit your alter-ego, then make a quick trip to Toys-R-Us.  There are unlimited options for men or women in the

Dr. Marianne Brandon

Dr. Marianne Brandon

land of make-believe.  Get yourself a doctor’s kit, a fireman’s hat, a ballerina’s frilly skirt.  Unleash your creativity and make this a Halloween to remember! You might decide that it’s your new favorite holiday!

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