Good Stress vs. Bad Stress (VIDEO)

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Stress is all around us and hard to avoid. When we normally hear the word “stress,” we tend to have a visceral reaction to it. But not all stress is bad!

WATCH: How to De-Stress Your Life

Watch Dr. Jeff Brown, psychologist  and assistant clinical professor at Harvard Medical School, talks about good stress and bad stress, and whether it’s good for us or not:

“When we hear the word stress, we almost have this visceral reaction,” Brown says. “Good stress comes in the form of things like getting married, holidays, things that we enjoy doing…but bad stress, or distress, comes in the form of losses,” such as losing a spouse, a job or moving. “Stress can be motivating … but keep in mind, good stress or bad stress, your body may not know the difference, so you need to be prepared on all fronts.”

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About Dr. Jeffrey Brown: Dr. Jeff Brown is the Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School where he’s been on faculty for over a decade. Dr. Brown is a Clinical Associate at McLean Hospital, [...]
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