Goldieblox: Toys to Encourage Female Innovation

[ 0 ] September 14, 2014 |

Lindsey Shepard, VP of Marketing & Sales at Goldieblox, joins us at #BlogHer14 to share her story of developing toys that encourage young girls to become innovators and engineers. There first toy? A belt drive…


“Goldieblox is a book series and construction kit combined… Girls tend to lose interest in math and science, and those are really the building blocks for engineering at around age eight.” WATCH as Lindsey Shepard shares the evolution of Goldieblox…

“And then there’s the pink aisle. The pink aisle is basically full of princess and pony and make up and high heels…” There was a clear need for a product that encouraged girls to innovate and build in ways that they otherwise wouldn’t think of doing.

Goldieblox now has three build sets on their website–and three more available for pre-order. Find a retailer that carries Goldieblox products here, and connect with Goldieblox on Twitter.

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About Lindsey Shepard: Lindsey is the proud mom of Stone (7) and Paolo (5), and the VP of Sales and Marketing at GoldieBlox. She's a writer, photographer, and karaoke addict.
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