Goldie Hawn: Happiness Is Not a Frivolous Pursuit

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Actress and philanthropist Goldie Hawn, author of 10 Mindful Minutes, says a reflection on her own journey toward happiness is one of the reasons she started MindUP, a collection of self-regulatory strategies and skills developed to improve behavior and learning for children. “One of the things that was concerning me about kids is I wasn’t seeing the joy,” Hawn says. “I wasn’t seeing the happiness in children. They were growing up so fast. There was so much pressure on them. They were feeling  all these stressors. And I thought, ‘We’ve got to bring joy back to children.'”

Watch Goldie Hawn discuss the journey toward happiness and why “it’s not a frivolous pursuit”:

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Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn

Hawn says happiness, the topic of a book she is currently writing, is not about acquisitions.

“It’s the inside that needs to be tended to,” she says. “It’s really about: How am I counting the joy, the blessings, the things in my life that keep me flourishing as a human being?”

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