Get Fit With Holly Rilinger’s 15-Minute Workout (VIDEOS)

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Fitness expert Holly Rilinger has created a 15-minute workout that requires no exercise equipment so it can be done on-the-go. Rilinger combines push-ups, mountain climbers, sideplanks with a dip and scorpion lunges. She ends with burpees — the exercise everybody loves to hate — which Rilinger says is “the best bang for your buck.” “With the burpee, you’re working your whole body,” she says. “You have an explosive movement, you have upper body strength and you have lower body strength.”

Let Holly Rilinger be your personal trainer and show you proper form in the video below:

Holly Rilinger

Holly Rilinger

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Exercisers at various levels of fitness can easily adapt Rilinger’s workout, she says.

Rilinger helps her clients identify and eliminate the obstacles that hold them back from being their best. But it’s much easier to meet your fitness goals if you start from a place of personal happiness, she says.

Watch Holly Rilinger on creating the perfect bicep:


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