George Bush Tears Up Reading Love Letters to Wife Barbara (Video)

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Former President George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara showed this week that their love seems just as strong today as it was more than 65 years ago when they married.

In a touching moment, the pair appeared on NBC’s “Today Show” Monday  for a Valentine’s Day special – moderated by their granddaughter, Jenna Bush Hager – about the sentimental value of love letters in the age of social media and texting, and how the couple used letters to express their love while separated during war. Although he likes to e-mail, Bush said it’s nothing like the power of the pen. The former commander-in-chief, who liked to call his wife “beautiful” in the letters, began to cry when he read one letter from 1994 – as did his granddaughter!

“Will you marry me? Whoops. I forgot you did that 49 years ago today. I was very happy on that day in 1945, but I’m even happier today. You give me joy that few men know. I’ve climbed perhaps the highest mountain in the world, but even that cannot hold a candle to being Barbara’s husband,” Bush read, his voice cracking. “Little did I know I was only trying to keep up with Barbara Pierce from Onondaga Street in Rye, New York. I love you.”

After a brief pause, Barbara responded by poking fun at House Speaker John Boehner, also known for turning on the water works. “You know what? You could be Speaker of the House,” she quipped after telling her husband she loved him.

Sounds like the elder Bushes are very much still in the honeymoon stage! Feel like you want to regain that glow with your spouse? genConnect relationship expert Dr. Alan Tepp offers a few tips on how to reclaim it -particularly if you have been together for more than 20 years – the first of which is to regain that deep connection you once felt with each other.

“When deep love is felt between two people, you feel immensely fulfilled, secure and rewarded,” Dr. Tepp says. “But what can also – and often does – emerge is the fear of the loss of that love. These fears can turn into day-to-day arguments over power and control; struggles between being emotionally available for each other versus being selfish; acting up and acting out; or verbal attacks and withdrawal. At such times the pain can shut down our hearts and make us less open to expressing our needs in a healthy way.”

Watch the touching segment on the Mr. and Mrs. Bush below and tell your loved one how special they are!

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