Gene Simmons Helps Millions Connect Through Language (VIDEO)

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Did you know that rock legend Gene Simmons speaks 5 languages? He showed off his multilingual skills for genConnect in Park City, Utah, at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival as part of a live Q&A event with himself and pop culture icon Stan Lee. Watch as we discuss the importance of connecting through language:

Gene Simmons

KISS front-man and global entertainer Gene Simmons is lending his iconic personality to help spread the word about Ortsbo’s unique translator experience. During a live global event with comic book writer Stan Lee, the two icons showed off the translating chat service from, a tool that enables real-time conversational translation in over 50 languages. Simmons explained the global chat to genConnect:

“This was a global chat with potentially millions of Stan Lee fans around the world and it was streamed live in real time in any number of languages,” Simmons said. “Fans from Greece, Bulgaria, the Phillipines, would ask questions of Stan in their language, the question was then asked of Stan Lee in English, he would answer in English and in real time somebody in the Phillipines or Greece would get the answer in their language. Therein lies the magic of”

As an immigrant himself, Simmons recalls his own difficulty learning English when he came to America and believes Ortsbo will be a pivitol point in our history. He encourages people to learn more about this powerful language tool.

“What tears people apart are our differences,” Simmons told genConnect, “and language is the biggest difference we have.”

Follow genConnect at the Sundance Film Festival, Park City, Utah, as we interview the people behind some of this year’s best independent films.

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