genConnect with Biz Stone and Evan Williams at Aspen Ideas Festival (VIDEO)

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Biz Stone on the Positive Power of Twitter
The impact of Twitter has shown that people are naturally good and if you give them the right tool they will do good with it. We have seen people turn to Twitter in natural disasters, emergencies and for raising money.

On the other hand, the influx of messages and the number of people on it can be overwhelming, admits Stone. “Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it makes you want to throw up.”

Evan Williams Defines Twitter
Evan Williams, the CEO of, doesn’t necessarily think of Twitter as a “social-networking” website. Rather, Williams calls it “an information network,” which we use to find custom news and information on what’s happening in the world.

Williams says he sees Twitter as a tool for spreading ideas on what people find is important to them. And the beauty of Twitter, with it’s 140 character count, both Williams and Twitter co-founder Biz Stone explains that you can Tweet anywhere by using your cellphone.

So who Tweets the most? Both Stone and Williams set straight when they told us they have members across generations! Are you Tweeting? We are @genConnected. Connect with us!

For clips of  genConnect’s interview with Biz Stone and Evan Williams:

Biz Stone and Evan Williams on why Twitter has 140 character limit

Biz stone and Evan Williams on how Twitter connects generations

Biz Stone and Evan Williams define Twitter

Biz Stone and Evan Williams on the positive image of Twitter

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