The Future of Education Lies in Innovation

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In the next five to 15 years, innovation has the potential to have enormous impact on education, says Vicki Phillips, Director of Education for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

WATCH as Phillips, who oversees work to improve early learning and to ensure U.S. high school students graduate ready for success in college, career, and life, discusses with genConnect how innovation can impact education at the Aspen Ideas Festival:

Phillips, who has held government and non-profit positions in various parts of the United States, including the position of Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Education, says that innovation in education has a lot of potential to change the way students learn. There are a number of developments modifying student learning to get kids better prepared for the next step of education, she said. Many new school models are emerging where teachers have opportunity to do both face-to-face instruction, but also to differentiate instruction utilizing more technology.

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Implementation of these innovations, Phillips continues, will allow teachers to individualize the structure of how they teach, which will allow kids to move at their own pace.


In addition to using innovation in the way students are taught, innovation is also occurring in the field of teacher development. And although most of Phillips’ work focuses on the United States and accelerating student development stateside, best practices are being shared with the rest of the world.

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“We’ve been working with a set of global colleagues across the country and in multiple places – from India to Brazil, even Finland and Singapore,” Philips said, “to learn from each other and share tools and lessons.”

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