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Judy Weitzman

Who doesn’t want to look younger?  Most of us are looking for the next new way to maintain our youthful looks and energy. Unfortunately, there is no “magic pill” to turn back the clocks — yet!  And turning to Botox, liposuction or other quick fixes are not the answers in the long run.  The best ways to slow the aging process is simple:

Eating smart.

The Age Accelerators

The Whites: White bread, white potatoes, white rice, and all things sugary taste great but go straight to the hips. They are also not good for your skin.  The simple carbohydrates turns to sugar or glucose in the body, and they can be the skin’s enemy. Too much of it can cause acne and also strip the skin of elasticity. Your best alternative is to always go whole grain.

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Salt: Too much salt can cause skin to turn leathery. Too much sodium results in facial bloating and big bags under the eyes. By drinking lots of water those toxins can be flushed out of your system and the puffiness will also go down.

Alcohol: Many people enjoy a cocktail to unwind at the end of the day, which is no big deal. However, too much alcohol can cause dehydration. As a result, skin starts to look dry and begins to wrinkle.

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The Age Decelerators

Some Fats: Some people think they should eliminate all fat when they are losing weight, but that is not a good plan.  Without enough fat in your diet your skin will look old and dry.  Stick to the polyunsaturated fats and the Omega-3s.  A study in the American Journal of Respiratory Care, looking at more than 10,000 patients, found that a daily 2g dose of fish oil given to the elderly prevented a decline in heart function. Fish oil also helps to protect against other age-related conditions like joint pain, immunity and cognitive decline.

Fruits and Vegetables: At least 5 servings of vegetables and 2-3 servings of fruit each day. The more colors, the more nutrients.  “Foods that score high for eye health include leafy green vegetables, carrots, melons, tomatoes, red peppers, blueberries and aubergines,” says Iain Anderson, chairman of The Eyecare Trust.

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Fish: At least twice a week. Salmon is a great option because of the Omega 3s.

Protein: A diet rich in red meat induces inflammation, which can be damaging to skin collagen. Healthy protein from nuts, tofu, chicken and fish though does a body good … According to research in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, men and women over age 50 who introduced more protein to their diet, had muscle synthesis increase by 51 percent.

Fiber: Fiber can lower your blood cholesterol levels,  keep you feeling fuller longer  and help protect from bowel cancer. A study in The Lancet discovered when participants who originally had a low-fiber diet doubled their intake, their colorectal cancer risk fell by 40 percent.

Legumes: A combination of legumes with grains can provide all necessary amino acids for vegetarians. Plus they are low in calories and have  protein.

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Yogurt: Is a healthy dairy and Greek yogurt has the bonus of high protein.

Nuts: These wonderful sources of Vitamin B offers healthy skin benefits. But don’t go nuts when eating them; they have a lot of calories.

Water: H2O should be your best friend. It will help keep your skin looking good, your circulation flowing well and your organs and muscles functioning their peak performance.  Another benefit of water: by staying hydrated, you are less likely to feel hunger.

Vitamin D: Found in eggs, oily fish and animal liver, Vitamin D is also made beneath the skin when it is exposed to sunshine. Researchers at Harvard University looked at the effect of Vitamin D supplements when given to 10,000 people over a period of 30 years. It led to 20 percent fewer falls and fractures.

Now that we have established the importance of eating smart to look and feel better, we need to address the importance of working out. Stay tuned for my next article …

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