Flirting With Flavors: Bespoke Negroni Bar

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Pamela Morgan shows us a new flirty restaurant to wine and dine in. The newly open Florian Cafe in Gramercy has food, drinks, and atmosphere to die for. WATCH as Morgan shows us around the cafe and concocts some fun drinks at the only Bespoke Negroni Bar in New York City.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 11.58.18 AMThe bar tender at the cafe, Francesco, created the only Bespoke Negroni Bar in New York City. Francesco is a Negroni specialist and his idea behind making the Bespoke Negroni bar at the cafe was so he could personalize each drink to match the preferred taste of his customers. He starts off by making a classic Negroni which is equal amounts of Campari, Sweet Varmouth,¬†and Gin finished off with an orange slice garnish. Then he begins the process of making a Bespoke Negroni. “When you walk into a bar what do you normally order?” he asks Morgan, then continues to analyze her pallet further. The result is a Blonde Bespoke Negroni Martini. “Flirty and blonde, just like me!” Morgan exclaims.

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About Pamela Morgan: As owner of the innovative Flirting with Flavors, Pamela Morgan teaches men and women how to use food to generate romance. Pamela knows her way around a kitchen. She has been praised for her work [...]
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