Fitness Expert JJ Virgin: Avoid Resolutions For 2012

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Dump the dramatic resolution traps and focus on lasting changes in 2012 with tips from fitness expert JJ Virgin

To hell with consequences: you’re going to dive into that gooey piece of caramel praline cheesecake after your three-cheese lasagna and garlic-butter infused baguette. Tomorrow, after all, you’re going to diet.

Familiar scenario?

That fast-famine mentality only sets you up for failure. Fast fat loss isn’t an all-or-nothing scenario, and good eating habits don’t happen at the spur of the moment. That’s why your lasagna-and-cheesecake scenario – or whatever your metabolic poison might include – is like Groundhog Day. You keep doing it over and over, and you end up defeated and discouraged every time.

Let’s make a pact. I want you to dump the dramatic, abrupt resolution traps and focus on meaningful, lasting changes. Focus your intention on what inspires you to take these action steps.

Say your 2012 resolution involves fast fat loss, more burst training, and doing an elimination diet to identify food sensitivities. You’ll want to identify, for instance, the amount of weight you want to lose and how losing that weight will affect you. Are you finally ready to get into that size-4 strapless Armani that turns heads at your next birthday party? How about a killer sex life? You get to decide your goals.

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Make a list of simple action steps to support your goal, and gradually build them into your life. Don’t try a new one until you’ve successfully incorporated the previous one.

Be sure to keep a journal. Write your intention in big bold letters at the front. Be very clear about why you’re doing this and what it will do for you. Find a picture of the body you aspire to have, paste your face on it, and put it in this book. Record your current action step daily until it becomes truly habitual.

Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert JJ Virgin

Some of my favorite action steps that significantly impact weight loss include:

  1. Follow the diet based on your genotype.
  2. Set your alarm clock an hour before you need to go to bed. That ensures you power down and get your seven to nine hours of quality sleep.
  3. Carry a Sigg bottle so you drink at least 64 ounces of pure spring water in between meals.
  4. Gradually increase your fiber intake by incorporating raw nuts and seeds, legumes, berries, apples and non-starchy veggies. If you’re not meeting your fiber quota, add a scoop of Medibuilk into your morning smoothie.
  5. Incorporate my new 4X4™ workout into your schedule three times a week. (Get it free at
  6. Start the day with a healthy smoothie that includes protein, fiber and healthy fat. Click here for my favorite smoothie recipe.
  7. Spike your non-starchy vegetable intake to five to 10 servings per day.
  8. Build in bliss time daily to help lower those stress hormones.
  9. Stop eating two to three hours before bedtime. If you habitually snack at this time, replace this with a pleasurable, non-food activity.
  10. Get the enemy out of your house. No half-eaten pints of Chunky Monkey mean you’re far less likely to succumb to the 11 p.m. freezer siren call.
  11. Test for delayed food sensitivities that could hold you back from your goal weight.

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