Financial Advice for First-Time Investors, From Joe Quinlan

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Joe Quinlan gives financial advice to policy makers and market experts for a living. Quinlan, who is Managing Director and Chief Market Strategist at U.S. Trust — Bank of America Private Wealth Management, provides economic and market insights and executes the firm’s overall investment strategy, both domestically and globally. He regularly debriefs policy makers and legislators on Capitol Hill on global trade and economic issues. In other words: he knows his stuff.

Watch as Joe Quinlan talks to genConnect at the Aspen Ideas Festival, and gives financial advice to the most novice of investors just starting out:

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“Get involved. Do save. You have to save.  You have to put some capital away” out of your monthly salary, Quinlan says.


Joe Quinlan

Large-cap, multinational stocks are a good place to start. “They’re going to weather any bumps” in the market, he says. Quinlan’s biggest piece of advice? Buy what you own. That would be big brands that you recognize – automobiles, consumer goods, technology or social media. Get started with those stalwarts, and, when you get more comfortable and get some more capital saved, you can start taking more risks.

Young and you’re just starting to invest? Go for equities, Quinlan recommends, because they will increase your wealth and your portfolio as you grow older.

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About Joe Quinlan: Joseph Quinlan is managing director and chief market strategist at U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management. In this role, he oversees the development and implementation of investment strategies and solutions for the various [...]
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