How Facebook Helps Small Businesses (VIDEO)

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With over 800 million users, Facebook is definitely a big business. But may smaller companies have flocked to the platform in hopes of turning their small business big.

We connected with Carolyn Everson, Facebook’s Vice President of Global Marketing Solutions, to discuss how Facebook is changing the world. Among the many new Facebook initiatives and trends Everson addresses, one in particular is Facebook’s power to leverage small businesses. With millions of people engaged on Facebook every single day, “why don’t small businesses go where people already are?” Watch:

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Everson told genConnect that companies of all shapes and sizes around the world need to ask themselves: “Why should somebody be a fan of my brand? Why should someone pay attention to my page? You need to give them something back.” Whether that be in the form of discounts, early sales notifications, preferred treatment, or other returns, customers have to be rewarded for being loyal.

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“The big lesson is that things are changing so quickly in terms of the technology that’s available to us but there are some basic human truths and basic marketing truths that haven’t changed at all,” Everson said. “A recommendation from a friend is still stronger than a brand telling you about themselves directly. That’s really at the heart of what Facebook is trying to do for marketers.”

Tell us: Do you have a Facebook page for your business? What rewards do you offer your fans?

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