Facebook VP Carolyn Everson on Motherhood & Career (VIDEO)

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Mom of 9-year-old twins helping to lead fast-growing Facebook says integrating your career and family life is easier than separating them

Carolyn Everson is a busy woman.

Not only is Everson working as Facebook’s Vice President of Global Marketing Solution, but she’s a mom to twin 9-year-old girls, as well. So how does she juggle everything?

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“I think the most important thing is to know what your priorities are,” Everson says.

Watch Carolyn Everson talk about how she melds motherhood and career:

When Everson introduces herself at conferences or other large work-related events, she identifies herself as a mother first, Facebook executive second, “which is a really unusual thing for somebody to say in business.”

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Everson’s work life gives her family experiences they may otherwise not have had. For example, each quarter she brings her family on work trips with her; while she’s working during the day, her husband takes the kids on tours. They often eat dinner together, even if it is a working dinner.

Everson believes a working mother can be an incredible role model to her daughters or her sons. “I say mommy works because we need to pay the mortgage … I am trying to instill a work ethic in the kids that hopefuly will last a lifetime.”

One of the best pieces of advice Everson ever received as to how to support motherhood and career came from Wendy Clark, senior vice president of marketing at Coca-Cola. “She said, ‘It’s not about work-life balance, it’s about work-life integration.’ She said, ‘Think about how your family can be part of your job, and vice versa, as opposed to trying to divide everything up,'” Everson says. “And it was really great advice.

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