Esther Dyson: Not Investing in Your Health is Like Renting a House

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Investing in health care and investing in one’s health are two different things. Health care is a very big market that is very costly due to the infinite amount of health problems and people who have them. Investing in health care is becoming increasingly popular, but not necessarily worth what it costs. Esther Dyson of EDventure Holdings says the only way to ensure you are healthy is to own your own health, not pay to let someone else take care of it.

WATCH Esther DysonHICCup Founder and a woman who was named by Forbes magazine as one of the most powerful women in American business, explain the differences between investing in health and health care, and her latest venture, Way to Wellville:

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Dyson, a former journalist and Wall Street technology analyst who is a leading angel investor, philanthropist, and commentator, compares the two health investments to housing investments. Long ago, more people rented houses before they couldn’t afford to buy them. It was often the rich people who owned homes.bikes

“We’re kind of doing the same thing with our health – we’re renting our health,” Dyson says. “Why not do something like a mortgage, where you invest now in the kind of scaffolding that will keep you healthy for the future.”

We are constantly being “manipulated” to be unhealthy, she says; we are tempted and undermined on a daily basis by vices like tobacco and sugar, as well as cars that take us anywhere, instead of walking.

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Dyson stresses that the best way to invest and own your own health is to eat well, exercise daily, and get a good amount of sleep every night. By participating in good health practices, maintaining them over time, and not letting yourself fall to consumer temptations, you can actually save money on health care expenses and perform better overall in everything that you do.

Dyson offers this as a takeaway: Being healthy isn’t always cheap, but investing in your health makes a noticeable difference over time.

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