Dr. Sara NasserZadeh on Supplements for Decreased Libido

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Sexual dysfunction and decreased libido is a problem plaguing many Americans. Dr. Sara NasserZadeh, a psychosexual therapist, co-author of The Orgasm Answer Guide and board member of the World Association for Sexual Health, weighs in with the medical, mental aspects of decreased libido and the natural remedies and supplements currently on the market to combat it.

Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh

“The starting point for this condition is very important,” explains Dr. NasserZadeh. “For example, if a person has always had low sexual desire, she/he might have different underlying factors to be addressed than a person who is experiencing this condition as a sudden change, gradually over time, or only within a specific relationship. Also, sometimes, lack of sexual desire or the behavioral pattern that goes with it serves a purpose in the person’s life.”

Paula Simpson, a celebrity nutritionist and formulation expert, notes that some companies, such as Penthouse, are now producing products aimed to increase sex drive, including their liquid “Libido Shots” for men and women. The company purports their formulations contain ingredients such as B vitamins, amino acids, caffeine and herbal extracts that are “specifically designed to encourage pleasurable response when taken 20 minutes before physical activity.”

“Judging by the ingredients, which are mostly stimulants (i.e. increasing the heart beat and level of alertness), one could imagine that it might work to get the person interested in the physical part of sex. After all, sex is a physical activity, it is like having an energy drink before going to the gym!” says Dr. NasserZadeh. “Or, because it increases the blood circulation, it might increase the chance of responsive arousal (still physically driven not emotionally or mentally). So I not sure if it would be  the ‘cure’ for the decrease of sexual desire. Imagine you don’t fancy your partner, would drinking this magical shot change your mind about him/her?! I wish it did and many of my clients would have lived a happier life!”

Dr. NasserZadeh stresses that one should examine the root causes of the problem before turning to manufactured “solutions.”

“If I have a client with this condition, I would definitely look at physiological, medical, relational and, of course, lifestyle all together. There is still a lot to be learned about the mechanism of sexual desire, especially in women,” she says. “You probably heard the news of a drug in development by the pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim, which was being explored among women who experienced low sexual desire, but the multi-factorial nature of this condition put a halt on its development last year. Therefore, I would be very careful suggesting one solution for such a complex condition.”

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