Dr. Marianne Brandon: Connecting Without Sex (SLIDESHOW)

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Relationship expert Dr. Marianne Brandon on speaking his language and keeping your connection intimate without intercourse

Ask any mother and she’ll tell you – sometimes sex is the last thing on her mind. It just makes sense, considering all the stresses and responsibilities involved in the world’s most important profession. And when lack of interest lasts for more than a few weeks, a couple’s intimate relationship can suffer. BUT here’s some good news. These are five simple, almost effortless things you can do to maintain your intimate connection with your beloved, making him feel loved and appreciated—even when making love is the last thing on your mind!

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About Dr. Marianne Brandon: Dr. Marianne Brandon is a clinical psychologist and Diplomat in sex therapy through AASECT. Dr. Brandon is Director of Wellminds Wellbodies LLC in Annapolis, Maryland. She is author of Monogamy: The Untold Story and co-author [...]
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