How Robotics Is Revolutionizing Surgery

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The da Vinci Si is the world’s most advanced surgical robot. Using three arms for tools and handiwork and a fourth arm as the eyes inside, the robot is able to maximize a surgeon’s viability and precision while also minimizing the amount of blood loss and recovery time for the patient. This type of robotics and new technology will soon revolutionize how surgery is preformed.

WATCH as Dr. Ash Tewari, Chair of Urology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, discusses and demonstrates how robotics are transforming the future of surgery at the Aspen Ideas Festival:

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Tewari explained the current procedure for surgical operations using this state-of-the-art robotic surgical system.robotusrgery

“In order for me to do surgery the conventional way, I have to cut open a big part of the body, put my hands inside, remove a diseased spot, and put it all back together,” he explained.

This process involves large incisions that cause the patient to lose a lot of blood and talk a long time to heal. The utilization of the da Vinci Si robot, however, will soon change how surgery is performed: The technology also allows for better visibility inside the body; surgeons can be more precise and make fewer cuts; patients lose less blood, which will speed up their recovery time. Overall, robotic technology makes surgery safer and easier to preform, Tewari says.

“Making a smaller cut, they [patients] heal faster, they can go back to doing things much faster,” he explained. “They can return to work much more easily. And doing work more precisely allows the body to heal faster, so they can get their functions back sooner.”

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