Don’t Get Emotional About Financial Investments (VIDEO)

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Potential investors should avoid being overly influenced by the political “noise” that may keep them away from growth-oriented opportunities, and instead find the middle ground between being too afraid and too optimistic about the stock market and economy, says Larry Gellman, managing director of private wealth management for Robert W. Baird & Co.

Watch Larry Gellman share the wealth of his investment wisdom:

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Larry Gellman

“There are a number of great companies out there right now who are making tons of money and selling at very, very reasonable prices, and I think the prognosis is very, very good for a lot of companies, and for the economy in general,” Gellman says. “By the same token, I think it’s certainly not a time to be giddy either and to assume that the worst is behind us and nothing bad can happen going forward.”

Gellman says a balanced approach to saving and investing is best.

“Keep enough money on the side so that they (you) have what they (you) need in case of emergencies, but by the same token, don’t fall into the trap of feeling so afraid that you are going to avoid the stock market and going to avoid growth-oriented opportunities altogether,” he says.

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About Larry Gellman: Larry Gellman is a well-respected financial advisor and leader in the Jewish community. He joined the Baird private wealth management firm in 1991 as a financial advisor and has 22 years of experience in the [...]
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